Cultural Divide Persists as Musical Tastes Shift

Nov 13, 2011

"Cultural Divide Persists as Musical Tastes Shift"
Tom Jacobs
Miller-McCune; September 21, 2011

"New research from Britain finds music lovers are increasingly crossing genres, but they remain divided in their tastes.

"In cultural circles, the highbrow/lowbrow distinction has gone out of fashion in recent years, as attention has turned to omnivores. These concert- and gallery-goers enjoy a wide range of cultural offerings, and make up a large percentage of ticket-buyers.

"When the National Endowment for the Arts issued a report earlier this year suggesting the omnivore is in decline, many in the arts community found the news deeply unsettling. But newly published research from Britain, which focuses on taste in music, analyzes audiences from a different perspective — one that could be useful to both performers and presenters." Complete article.