The Voice of Nonprofit Talent

Dec 11, 2011

The Voice of Nonprofit Talent

Released in 2011, The Voice of Nonprofit Talent: Perceptions of Diversity in the Workplace "focuses on one of the most significant challenges faced by the nonprofit sector — building and sustaining diverse organizations. The nonprofit sector's collective ability to attract, retain, and advance people of color determines the quality of talent and directly impacts our ability to meet our respective missions.

Michael Watson, senior vice president, human resources and diversity, for the Girl Scouts of the USA writes in the forward:


"Addressing diversity and inclusion cannot wait until the economy full recovers until the budget is balanced or until all the other issues that are traditionally prioritized above an organization's "people focus" have been addressed."

Among the survey's findings is that "a significant disconnect exists between the stated values and beliefs of nonprofit organizations regarding the importance of racial diversity, and their attempts to proactively increase diversity and inclusiveness within their organizations." The survey finds that this impacts people's interest in applying for jobs, accepting positions, and keeping their jobs. It impacts people of color and it also effects white colleagues.

A national study produced in partnership by Commongood Careers and Level Playing Field Institute, this report looks at The Negative Cycle of Inaction and offers Strategies for Making Changes.

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