2012 Resolutions for the Nonprofit World

Jan 8, 2012

 2012 Resolutions for the Nonprofit World
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
December 30,2011

The Chronicle of Philanthropy invited nonprofit executives and donors and foundation leaders to share their 2012 resolutions for the nonprofit sector. Themes include collaborations and mergers;  tax status and business models; and technology and data-driven decision making. Several resolutions are relevant to NPAC's commitment to diversity.

Philanthropy must adapt to the growing diversity of donors, activists, and communities. We need to work with and support the new global majority—people of color—to create the next generation of leaders, overhaul our failing educational and health systems, and conquer pervasive structural racism.

Melissa Bradley, chief executive
Tides Foundation

The Arab Spring, the Occupy movement, and ongoing calls for social justice have inspired millions, yet U.S. philanthropy has remained largely sidelined and silent. We, in the foundation sector, resolve to stop being as irrelevant as we have been for so long.

Albert Ruesga, president
Greater New Orleans Foundation

May 2012 be a year of courage for philanthropy and the nonprofit sector. We face an extraordinary assault on programs serving the most vulnerable in our society, voting rights we long took for granted, and harsh anti-immigrant policies that undermine our values. Now is the time for our sector to find its voice and support advocacy, organizing, and civic engagement.

Deepak Bhargava, executive director
Center for Community Change

Think first about what people want and what they expect, and only second about what you want to provide them. Be willing to turn on a dime programmatically and financially because if you do not, someone else will.

Susan Raymond, executive vice president
Changing Our World

Rather than focus on protecting tax incentives that primarily benefit the well-to-do, and fighting limits to the charitable deduction, nonprofit leaders should concentrate on addressing income inequality and the social problems that creates. Let us resolve to remember who we are: the voice of the common good. Our job is to propose answers to the question of how a country can guarantee all its inhabitants a life of freedom, security, and peace.

Kim Klein
Klein & Roth Consulting

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