In Europe, Where Art is Life

Jun 25, 2012

"In Europe, Where Art is Life, Ax Falls on Public Financing"
by Larry Rohter
The New York Times
March 24, 2012

"European governments are cutting their support for culture, and American arts lovers are starting to feel the results.

"For Americans used to seeing the best and most adventuresome European culture on tour in this country, the belt-tightening is beginning to affect both the quantity and quality of arts exchanges.

"The crisis is affecting what kind of art is performed and how it is made...[it is also resulting in] others trying to forge closer ties to American institutions.

"Artists worry that money will flow to established entities that tend to be more conservative, rather than to more experimental companies that have served as incubators of new talents. That, they say, has profound implications for the artistic process."

"Even when the crisis subsides, many fear that the impact of the cuts could permanently affect every stage of the artistic process, from creation to consumption.... [Says Nigel Redden, director of the Lincoln Center and Spoleto arts festivals] '...there is definitely a kind of calibration going on.'"

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