Arts in a Changing America: Join the Conversation

Jan 31, 2013

Check out the Arts in a Changing America blog! Read it, post to it, be a part of the conversation on art in world that is changing fast.

From the site: 

"We are a community of writers and cultural practitioners documenting the story of how the [ART] world as we know it has already ended…

"Our aim, niche, and focus is simply: the intersection of arts and changing demographics in the U.S. and the Americas.

"We welcome submissions from emerging as well as professional “cultural reporters” who have their ear to the ground of what is happening artistically  in communities, places, media, and among groups and publics not normally or regularly covered by mainstream art critics and publications.

"Submissions can be as short as 150 words and as long as 2,000+ words.

"Got any ideas? Pitch them to editor Maribel Alvarez at:"

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