The Trouble with February, reflections from Teresa Eyring

Feb 11, 2013

In the February 2013 issue of American Theatre Magazine, Teresa Eyring, executive director of Theatre Communications Group and longtime chair of the National Performing Arts Convention, reflects on Black History Month and its relationship to diversity in the arts. 

The annual February focus on African American accomplishments, she says, has an important history and track record, and the arts world has embraced in many wonderful ways. But she also notes the limitations inherent in this fundamentally segregationist approach.

From the article
"The idea of there being a Black History Month—why isn’t it Black History Month 12 months a year?
— Bill T. Jones at the TCG National Conference in Baltimore, 2009

"....This yearly focus has indeed become an important mechanism for illuminating black culture and the tremendous contributions of African Americans. It has also become a barrier and a source of frustration for many artists who yearn for their work to be valued equally, in all 12 months of the year...."

Read Teresa's full piece, The Trouble with February.

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