Talvin Wilks: Who gets to define black theater?

Apr 2, 2013

 Read Talvin Wilks' thoughtful reflection about the history of black theater in America: 

The Tradition of Defining a Tradition

which kicked off a week of blog posts about theater & communities of color on n HowlRound,
a journal of the Theater Commons.

Wilks offers an overview of the people, organizations and ideas behind a vital American tradition that is worth celebrating even as it is debated and analyzed. A conversation well worth having.

"...who gets to define black theater?
The definition lies in the recognition and understanding of a broad and illustrious history and not in one single answer. It is a history that should be studied and known because it reflects and coincides with the challenges of race and identity in America, a microcosm of the larger scale social debate and contemplation. ... If nothing else, what is remarkable is that these contemplations and queries document a wonderful tradition of discourse that stands as a vibrant reflection of the resilience of the African American artist in the American theater.


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