Diversity & Multiculturalism In A Global Context: Culturebot & Under the Radar

Mar 21, 2014


On SUNDAY, JANUARY 12, 2014 at the Under The Radar Festival, Culturebot hosted a discussion of the past, present and future of multiculturalism in a "global" world. How are different countries addressing issues of diversity while negotiating aesthetic and cultural differences? How do we, as artists and presenters, create meaningful contexts and conversations around the work itself?

Nora Chipaumire (Choreographer & Performer)
Jonas Hassen Khemiri (playwright)
Nike Jonah (Connecting Dots, UK)
Erwin Maas (Theater director)
Hassan Mahamdallie (Connecting Dots, UK)
Monique Martin (Director of Family Programming – City Parks Foundation/SummerStage)
Gabri Christa (Director/Choreographer)
Baraka Sele (Independent Consultant)
MK Wegmann (President, National Performance Network)


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