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American Composers Forum's Diversity Programming

  The American Composer Forum enriches lives by nurturing the creative spirit of composers and communities. They offer a number of programs that harness the power of music and the power of this nation's diversity. Below you will find informat...more

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An Audience Development Tool Kit

Adjust Your View: Developing Multicultural Audiences for the Arts is "essentially a toolkit of ideas and steps intended to provide a framework for the development of multicultural marketing strategies for the arts and cultural products." ...more

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Wolf Trap Offers Internship Opportunities for African Americ

"One of the Best Internships of 2009" — BusinessWeek "One of America’s Top 100 Internships" —The Princeton Review The Wolf Trap Internship Program is designed to provide meaningful hands-on training and...more

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Michael Kaiser on Diversity

President of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Michael Kaiser's blog through The Huffington Post features a few postings on diversity: Our Annual Symposium for Arts Organizations of Color "Every March, a group of executives...more

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"Everyone has read or heard about the changes in the demographics of this country. . .  It is estimated that by the year 2050, one in three Americans will be Black, Hispanic, or Asian. The disabled population is currently the largest minori...more

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Musicians, Deafness, and Listening

"How on earth can they experience music, they are deaf. We [cover our ears], and we imagine that is what deafness is about. We [cover our eyes], we imagine that is what blindness is about. If we see someone in a wheel chair, we assume they can n...more

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Towards Greater Diversity and Inclusion

In June 2009, the League of American Orchestras National Conference featured the session "Towards Greater Diversity and Inclusion." This session provided an overview of some of the thinking and practices in the diversity sector, and linked ...more

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Non-Traditional Casting: An Open Letter

December 22, 1997 Dear Members of the American Theater We can continue to publish articles and special editions of magazines and write books; continue to have panel discussions, symposia, Colloquial and conferences; continue to air radio and te...more

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White Americans to Lose Majority Status in 2050

White Americans to Lose Majority Status by 2050 - Sphere News » WASHINGTON (Dec. 16, 2009) -- The estimated time when whites will no longer make up the majority of Americans has been pushed back eight years - to 2050 - because the recession ...more

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As lighting design fellow, Wiegand illuminates silence

"Deaf people are very visual, we use our eyes. I think that contributes to my sensitivity to light. I think that’s why I’ve developed a fascination with light over the years.” — Annie Wiegand, Chautauqua Th...more

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