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Women in Choral Music

Joan Catoni Conlon and Rachel Samet are launching a database of women who are active in choral music as conductors and educators in an effort to promote collegiality among women choral conductors. To enter your information into this international...more

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With Access and Accommodation for All

 "In 2007, Ella Merritt was feeling the itch to sing again -- so she began calling choruses. Her first question was not about the audition process or the concert season, but rather 'Do you have accommodation for a wheelchair?'" &quo...more

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Bridging Cultural Divides

Many types of organizations are tackling issues of diversity. Diversity consultant Patricia Moore Harbour "believes arts organizations, especially choruses, may start out ahead of the game." "Bridging Cultural Divides" outlines si...more

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Fresh Voices: Recruiting the Next Generation of Board Leader

"According to BoardSource's Nonprofit Governance Index 2007, the average board size is 16 (for choruses, the average board size is 12). With 39 percent of board members between the ages of 30-49 and only 2 percent under age 30, that leave nearly...more

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Asian American Actors in the Bay Area

This article offers a historic look at the challenges and opportunities Asian American artists have faced in the Bay Area. It covers Cabaret and Chop Suey; Art as Politics;  The New Millennium; and The New Generation. "Opening the Golden...more

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Urban Youth Choruses

 "As the independent children's chorus movement has matured, one recent phenomenon is the emergence of urban youth choruses - ensembles formed to serve diverse populations in large urban areas where kids often do not have access of the mean...more

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Musical Diplomacy

Brian Kaufman and Michael Reichman of New England Conservatory in Boston have created Musical Diplomacy, an ongoing project bringing together leading policymakers, teachers, musicians, and concerned citizens for an inspiring evening of music and d...more

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Test Your Awareness


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'Porgy' and Music's Racial Politics

Since the checkered performance history of ''Porgy and Bess'' runs parallel to the civil rights movement, it may provide a telling diagnostic on the covert racial politics of the classical-music world. Cori Ellison, New York City Opera's dramaturge, ...more

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Talking to Ourselves

"Whether watching television news, consulting political blogs or (more rarely) reading books, Americans today have become a people in search of validation for opinions that they already hold. This absence of curiosity about other points of view ...more

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