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Women in Choral Conducting: A Level Playing Field?

"'The gender issue is insidious and omnipresent,' says Marin Alsop, who began her tenure as music director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra in 2007, becoming the first femal to head a major American orchestra. "American women have als...more

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Funding Reductions to Impact Diversity

"If we leave it to mainstream institutions to create work by [minorities], we will be left with a kind of chainstore arts world." Topher Campbell   As of February 17, 2011, the U.S. House of Representatives has put forward the FY11...more

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Arts Ed Bill of Rights

Every Child in Every School An Arts Education Bill of Rights Every child in every school has the right to a well-rounded education, of which the arts are an essential ingredient. Beyond having great value in and of themselves, the arts pr...more

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Diversity Glossary

Below are just a few terms and definitions related to diversity and inclusion work. The majority of the definitions below can be found in the National MultiCultural Institute's Diversity Glossary, which also includes terminology related to legislativ...more

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Adrienne Danrich Documents Anderson and Price

Cincinnati Opera commissioned soprano Adrienne Danrich to write a tribute to Marian Anderson and Leontyne Price. The result was This Little Light of Mine: The Stories of Marian Anderson and Leontyne Price, which has been described as a "live doc...more

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Opera from a Sistah's Point of View

"Opera is about rich and poor people. It'is about brown and black people. It's about yellow and white people." - Angela Brown,CNN Interview Soprano Angela Brown has a personal mission to bring operatic and classical vocal performance to...more

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VIRTUAL NPAC, a performing arts convention in the virtual world, is underway. Right here, right now. Be a part of it! 5 NPAC partner conferences - from Chorus America, Dance/USA, the League of American Orchestras, OPERA America & Theatre...more

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AMC Looks at Cultural Identities of Composers

American Music Center's NewMusicBox features many articles on diversity of genre and programming, as well as several articles on how culture influences the identity of composers and vice versa. Below you will find just some of the articles that are r...more

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Churches Take Aim at Obama Education Policy

 Okay, now  they can't say it only Diane Ravitch complaining... For many in the arts, Race to the Top, which is the most visable of all of the Obama administration education programs, has been nothing more than a giant head scratcher. Na...more

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Jonah Lehrer: The Power of Outsider Intelligence

Last week the Theater Communications Group convened it's 49th annual National Theater Conference in downtown Chicago.  One of the main themes of the conference was the concept of the "Creative Ecology."  The term was confusing to ...more

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