Are We Nearing the End of Unionized Workforce of Teachers??

May 19, 2010

The NY Times has a magazine article preview on its website, of a piece titled: The Teachers Unions' Last Stand.

Click here to read it.

it's a facinating piece, that is required reading for anyone involved in K-12 arts education. And, yes, its a good question--is it really the last stand? And why would you care?

And of course, it's an interesting question for the performing arts field. Move the question over to the world of orchestras, for example. Or over to the theaters. I will bet most people find themselves somewhat ambivalent and able to come up with reasons for and against unions.

Although Schnur is a cheerful, modest type, there is a strain of self-righteousness that runs through the reform network. Some come off as snobs who assume any union teacher is lazy or incompetent and could be bested by young, nonunion Ivy Leaguers full of energy. And others see tying teachers’ pay to their students’ improvement on standardized tests as a cure-all.

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