Go Ahead: Compose Your Own!

May 25, 2010

 Have you ever seen the B.Kliban cartoon of Beethoven composing himself?

But that's not exactly the point of this entry. If you haven't already seen these articles, I would urge you to head over to the New York Times online and click here to access Compose Your Own and Compose Your Own, Part Two.

They are two wonderful entries by composer Jason Freeman, the first is about his life as a composer, his regrets that more people don't engage in music composition, and more. The second is a little program he put together that allows the online audience to recompose his Piano Etudes.

I know Jason well. He's an enormously talented guy who has the knack for using technology to provide access. If I were King, I would give him a very large grant as a sort of national resident artist for research and development.

Jason is part of an impressive line of composers who have made composition acessible through emerging technology, including:

Mort Subotnick, the father of this line of work.

Bill Duckworth

and probably the best known, for his Hyperscore and Toy Symphony projects, Tod Machover

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