Let's Hear it For a Classical Education

Jun 8, 2010

 This is piece in the New York Times covers a lot of ground as it advocates for a classical education. A classical education is very content heavy, and even though Fish could have done a better job of positioning the arts in this context, nevertheless, you can see how the arts fit into the traditional approach to content rich K-12 education.

A Classical Education: Back to the Future, by Stanley Fish

Unfortunately, at least according to Nussbaum, the trend toward a narrower and narrower vision of education is not being resisted by the Obama administration. Rather than decreasing the focus on testing and test preparation — a focus that reverses the relationship between test and content; the test becomes the content — “the administration plans to expand it.” Obama and his secretary of education, Arne Duncan (who, says Nussbaum, “presided over a rapid decline in humanities and arts funding” as head of the Chicago public schools), continue to implement the assumptions driving the Bush administration’s No Child Left Behind, chiefly the assumption that “individual income and national economic progress” should be education’s main goals.

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