Chuches Take Aim at Obama Education Policy

Jun 21, 2010

 Okay, now  they can't say it only Diane Ravitch complaining...

For many in the arts, Race to the Top, which is the most visable of all of the Obama administration education programs, has been nothing more than a giant head scratcher. Naturally, people in the arts field don't want to criticize the administration, but privately many lament a giant opportunity lost for the arts. To go a step further, you could argue that the arts serve as a type of metaphor for what is missing in Race to the Top, and that is a focus on content.

So, along comes this Pastoral Letter from The National Council of the Churches of Christ USA., rejecting "the language of business for discussing public education," asking that the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act "expand educational opportunity," and stating that they "value public school educators,"

This one is defininetly worth some of your reading time. A new partner for arts education advocacy?

Pastoral Letter

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