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Jun 23, 2010

 About Dewey21C:

Dewey 21C is a blog dedicated to the belief that the arts are part of our genetic code. That the arts are in the DNA of every child, and our job as teachers, parents, mentors, advocates, and administrators is to provide quality, sustained arts learning pathways for every child to develop fully as a human being.

While an education through, in, and about the arts may lead to someone becoming a professional artist, arts administrator, or potential patron/consumer, this blog is centered in the belief that the arts help prepare our children and us to be full participants in a democracy.

Or, as Rudy Crew, former Superintendent of Miami Dade County Public Schools once said: "to create an environment in which they find themselves as being artists in a bigger world. Where their own personality, their own capacity, their own learning ability is like a brush, and they can paint a new democracy if they really apply themselves to it."

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