An Arts Ed Battle Brings Out Exemplary Advocacy

Sep 16, 2010

 There quite a fight brewing around arts education in the State of California. It all stems from a bill that is now sitting on the desk of Gov. Schwarzenegger that is a defacto elimination of the high school graduation requirement in the arts. Essentially, what the bill would do is allow a high school student to swap the arts requirement for course work in Career and Technical Education.

It took a long time and a lot of hard work to get a high school graduation requirement in place. Many states have nothing.

The California Alliance for Arts Education has done some expemplary work as it leads the fight to retain the arts requirement. I recently came across a terrific policy breifing they did on the issue. It is clear, instructional, and presented in a positive and persuasive manner.

Click here to download Both And-- Understanding The Vital Link Between Both the Arts and Career and Technical Education in California Public Schools.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that aides to Governore Schwarzenegger read this briefing and advise "the Terminator" to do the right thing.

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