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Mar 31, 2013

Eric Booth has long been a powerhouse in arts education, a catalyst, a visionary, and a welcome leader at conferences and training sessions for all of the performing arts.

And now he has a website! Visit for easy access to Eric's writings, videos, speeches & more.

If you don't already know Eric, here's a bit of his bio from the website:

"In arts learning, he has taught at Juilliard (13 years), Stanford University, NYU, Tanglewood and Lincoln Center Institute (for 25 years), and The Kennedy Center (12 years). He was the Faculty Chair of the Empire State Partnership program for three years (the largest arts-in-education project in America), and held one of six chairs on The College Board’s Arts Advisory Committee for seven years. He serves as a consultant for many organizations, cities, states and businesses around the country, including six of the ten largest orchestras in America, and five national service organizations. He consults with arts organizations, businesses, boards of directors, state arts and education agencies, national arts organizations and occasionally to high tech and medical firms on their innovation work. He is widely referred to as one of the nation’s most creative teachers and as the father of the teaching artist profession, and this is one of many topics he consults on. Formerly the Director of the Teacher Center of the Leonard Bernstein Center, he is a frequent keynote speaker on the arts to groups of all kinds. He delivered the closing keynote speech to UNESCO’s first ever worldwide arts education conference (Lisbon 2006), and gave the keynote speech to the first world conference on orchestras' connections to communities (Glasgow 2007). He completed a six-week speaking tour of Scotland and Australia, speaking to over 40 organizations, government agencies, and universities about creativity and teaching artistry. He was the Senior Advisor to the Music National Service initiative (lead trainer and training designer for the launch of MusicianCorps). He is a senior advisor to the movement developing of El Sistema-inspired sites around the U.S. He is the co-founder and co-leader of the Orchestra Engagement Lab (including its Teaching Artist Academy), a national co-commissioning project which weaves the development of new orchestral works with bold community engagement design and practice, comprised of a summer intensive in a Vermont retreat, and a year of coaching to use the project as a catalyst for organizational change."  - a great resource for ideas and inspiration in arts education.

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