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Compose Your Own!

 Have you ever seen the B.Kliban cartoon of Beethoven composing himself? But that's not exactly the point of this entry. If you haven't already seen these articles, I would urge you to head over to the New York Times online and click here to ...more

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Gov O'Malley on Arts Education

 Here's a video about arts education, from the Governor of Maryland: Martin O'Malley: ...more

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Daniel Pink on Arts Ed, and Travel Tips!

Here are two videos of Daniel Pink. The first is from his testimony to the Texas State Legislature. The second is a selection from his series of travel tip videos, where he has bacitracin up his nose. No, I am not kidding. Pink has made famous th...more

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Musical Diplomacy

Brian Kaufman and Michael Reichman of New England Conservatory in Boston have created Musical Diplomacy, an ongoing project bringing together leading policymakers, teachers, musicians, and concerned citizens for an inspiring evening of music and d...more

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Georgia Arts Advocates in Action

Here is a first-hand account of the Georgia Arts March by by Daniel Summers, Marketing Director at the Center for Puppetry Arts. The march was an important element of the recent fight to retain public funding for the arts in Georgia. The Metro At...more

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Business Guest Blogs on Arts Ed Alliance Website

In an easy-to-replicate example of outreach and relationship building with the business community, the California Alliance for Arts Education is featuring a guest blogger on its website--Chris Cochran, the head of Community Affairs for Stone Bre...more

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Congress 101 - from AAM

The American Association of Museums (AAM) has created a rich resource, Congress 101, in the advocacy section of AAM's website. Visit this resource to access tools to keep up with legislative progress, get basic information about House and Senate C...more

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Advocacy Guru Resources

Stephanie Vance has put her 20+ years of experience in Congressional affairs, including as a lobbyist for National Public Radio and as Legislative Director and Staff Director in various Congressional offices, into four books  for arts advocate...more

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Dancing Dreams: Pina Bausch On Film

A new documentary featuring the work of Pina Bausch is slowly starting to trickle onto screens in the US. A sensation at the 2010 Berlin Film Festival, in Dancing Dreams Bausch selects 40 teenagers who had never even heard of her to be part of the ...more

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Artists In the Workforce

Of all the popular stereotypes of the modern artist, when is the last time that you saw artists portrayed as significant contributers to the nation's economy?  In 2008, the NEA released Artists in the Workforce: 1990-2005.  It is the first ...more

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