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7 Suggestions for Moving Arts Policy Advocacy Forward

Johns Hopkins University's Center for Civil Society Studies has produced a number of communiqués as part of its Listening Project which is systematically monitoring the nonprofit sector in the United States. The document below, Report on th...more

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A Resignation in Protest of Funding Cuts and Lack of Voice

The resignation of the chair of the British Columbia Arts Council is a dramatic act driven by frustration and disappointment. Perhaps it is just the sort of bold stand by a civic leader that can generate change when circumstances are bleak. What do y...more

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On the Nonprofit Sector's Underparticipation in Advocacy

Dalouge Smith, in his July 26, 2010 thoughtful and informative post on his arts advocacy blog Dog Days, reflects on his participation in the Nonprofit Advocacy Policy Roundtable at Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies and on Hopkins' Listen...more

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Guggenheim Museum Arts Ed Study

 With summer vacations, it's always possible that you will have missed something in the news. Well, here's one to take a look at, just in case: New York Times: Guggenheim Study Suggests Arts Education Benefits Literacy Officials at t...more

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Tristan Perich's 1-Bit Symphony

Tristan Perich's 1-Bit Symphony is an electronic composition in five movements on a single microchip. Though housed in a CD jewel case, 1-Bit Symphony is not a recording in the traditional sense; it literally "performs" its music live wh...more

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On Film: Mao's Last Dancer

Reviews are starting to trickle onto the internet for the new dance bio-pic, Mao's Last Dancer.  The film is based on the life of Chinese dancer Li Cunxin, who in 1979 was awarded one of China's first cultural exchange scholarships and came to t...more

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Most Valuable Players:The Super Bowl of High School Musicals

It's a week of the performing arts on film.  Can't get enough of the love, betrayal, politics, and drama of dance?  Then keep an eye out for Most Valuable Players, which is making it's rounds in limited release.  From the film's websit...more

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YouTube Gems: Luv In This Club Video Showdown

One of the most exciting things about the web is how rapidly ideas circulate and are remixed in totally unexpected ways.  For this post we're featuring two completely equally fascinating and divergent takes on Usher's chart topping hit, "Lu...more

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Featured Artist: The Brooklyn Artist Gym

The Brooklyn Artist Gym is a gem tucked away within the cramped quarters and high rents of Brooklyn.  Founded in 2005, it provides 10,000 square feet of communal space for artists to create and exhibit their work.  Similar in concept to cow...more

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Maz Jobrani:Did you hear the one about the Iranian-American?

Maz Jobrani is an actor and comedian who starred on the Axis of Evil Middle East Comedy Tour, a groundbreaking tour of the US and Middle Eastern countries, where it sold out 27 shows in Dubai, Beirut, Cairo, Kuwait and Amman. The Axis of Evil Come...more

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