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Technology Projects

From the League of American Orchestras, here are some featured technology projects, including Second Life orchestras, Internet radio (also known as webcasting), and podcasts. Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir (see video below) combines individua...more

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Eric Whitacre: A virtual choir 2,000 voices strong

Eric Whitacre, creator of the much publicized virtual YouTube choir project last year, recently gave a talk at the TED 2011 Conference in Long Beach, CA.  In his presentation, he gives a fascinating glimpse into the process of making the virtual...more

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VIRTUAL NPAC, a performing arts convention in the virtual world, is underway. Right here, right now. Be a part of it! 5 NPAC partner conferences - from Chorus America, Dance/USA, the League of American Orchestras, OPERA America & Theatre...more

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Culture is Focus of TCG's American Theatre Magazine

Among Theatre Communications Group's mission is to leverage the stories of the field to build greater public awareness of and appreciation for live theatre in America. The organization’s vision ranges from being the leader and innovator in ass...more

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Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams: 3-D Done Right

Along with live-streaming of performance, 3-D documentation of performance has been popping up more and more. We've posted on the Wim Wenders Pina Bausch documentary, which is finally arriving at movie screens in the United States, and the Royal Oper...more

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Diversity Management Is the Key to Growth: Make It Authentic

  "Diversity Management Is the Key to Growth: Make It Authentic" by Glenn Llopis Forbes 6/13/2011 "Diversity management is the key to growth in today’s fiercely competitive global marketplace.  No longer...more

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