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State Arts Advocacy and Arts Education Web sites

Connect with Your State's Arts Advocacy Organizations and Initiatives     Alabama Alabama Alliance for Arts Education Alaska Alaska Arts Education Consortium Inc. Arizona Arizona Citizens/Action for t...more

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How and Why the Arts are Critical to Student Achievement

This publication of the Arts Education Partnership describes the benefits of arts education based on new research published by the Arts Education Partnership. It can be used for many advocacy purposes. (2006 - brochure) Making a Case for the Arts...more

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An Arts Education Battle Brings Out Exemplary Advocacy

 There quite a fight brewing around arts education in the State of California. It all stems from a bill that is now sitting on the desk of Gov. Schwarzenegger that is a defacto elimination of the high school graduation requirement in the arts. E...more

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The Arts Education Field Guide

Arts Education Advocates: Check out Americans for the Arts' resource: The Arts Education Field Guide The Arts Education Field Guild has two parts: The first is a summary brochure that will help you know who the key players an...more

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