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Featured Artist: The Brooklyn Artist Gym

The Brooklyn Artist Gym is a gem tucked away within the cramped quarters and high rents of Brooklyn.  Founded in 2005, it provides 10,000 square feet of communal space for artists to create and exhibit their work.  Similar in concept to cow...more

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THE HOI POLLOI: An experiment in community-specific theater

THE HOI POLLOI: An experiment in site-specific, community-specific, affordable theater in Brooklyn By Justine Williams   In just over three years, theater director Alec Duffy has made a name for himself in New York downtown theater unde...more

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Talking to David White

David White (Photo by Peter Simon) Donna Uchizono...was getting a Master’s and writing about the period of time in which she came of age as a choreographer in New York, which was in the 80’s. She was asking a lot of people what they t...more

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