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Maria Shriver's Huffington Post OpEd for the Arts

This brief OpEd from Maria Shriver, California's first lady and award-winning journalist, focuses on supporting the California arts license plate campaign, but there are some quotes that might be useful to arts advocates nationwide.   &quo...more

advocacy   Jun 29, 2010 • Views:4522 • Comments: 0


Arts in the California Governor's Race Initiative

This election season something new is afoot in California: a proactive, nonpartisan effort to educate and inform the candidates in the 2010 California governor’s race, their staffs and key supporters to the value of the arts, arts education, a...more

advocacy   Sep 17, 2010 • Views:13871 • Comments: 0


Calling All Californians: CCI Investing In Artists Grant

The Center for Cultural Innovation (CCI) just announced that the Guidelines and Application Form for Round VI of the Investing in Artists grants program for Performing Arts and Media Arts are now available for download at www.cciarts.org/funding.&nbs...more

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Business Bootcamp for Artists: Oakland

So you're an artist.  You finally emerged after years of artistic exploration and honing of your craft (perhaps saddled with some major debt after one or more residencies at institutions of higher learning).  You're starting to have some su...more

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