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Facebook: How the Timesuck Will Save Us All

Trustee Spotlight Facebook: How the Timesuck Destroying the English Language Will Save Us All By Sydney Skybetter   “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”    -- Arthur C. Clarke, Profil...more

technology   Apr 15, 2010 • Views:6876 • Comments: 1


Social Media Revolution

Is social media a fad? Or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution? YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, OpenSource, and other social media are revolutionizing the way people communicate. This video produced by the author of Socialnomics detai...more

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Cheap, effective, and targeted, Facebook ads are a powerful marketing tool. They also tend to be more trusted than ads on other sites, as indicated by the main image. You can see in the image below how facebook is growing & giving Google a ru...more

technology   Apr 21, 2010 • Views:4218 • Comments: 0


Facebook Privacy: A Bewildering Tangle of Options

Recently you may have heard about Facebook's new features which open up more personal information to other users, businesses, marketers.  Facebook says that the benefits of these changes are more powerful tools for connecting people with similar...more

artists   technology   May 13, 2010 • Views:5950 • Comments: 0



A central argument in the discourse of technology is that new technologies replace the old. Those of us in the performing arts know better. Neither cinema nor television signaled the death of theater, and the Internet hasn’t succeeded either in...more

technology   Jul 11, 2010 • Views:7103 • Comments: 0


Camera Phone Fundraising Taps Younger Donors

Camera Phone Fundraising Taps Younger Donors By Kate Rogers The NonProfit Times June 8, 2010 Understanding the nature of generational differences is what will open the doors for new methods of fundraising. According to John Baguley, CEO of ...more

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Imagine standing next to your friend in a public place, having a conversation. You tell your friend, ‘I’d love a cold beer right now.’ All of a sudden, a guy wearing a Budweiser shirt runs up to you from out of the bushes blurting...more

technology   Jan 27, 2011 • Views:5038 • Comments: 1


Facebook Lessons From Detroit

Musicians from The Detroit Symphony Orchestra have been on strike for five months now. Events have played out very publicly on facebook, and produced some backlash: contributions to the DSO are off by over $1 million from where they where last year...more

technology   Mar 16, 2011 • Views:3241 • Comments: 0


The Bank of Facebook

The latest post from The Future of Facebook Project focuse on the new currencies of credits, identity, and reputation. You can read the full article here: http://emergentbydesign.com/2011/04/04/the-bank-of-facebook-currency-identity-reputation/...more

technology   Apr 7, 2011 • Views:3205 • Comments: 0


Hispanics and Blacks Support Causes Online

"Hispanics and Blacks More Likely Than Whites to Support Causes Online" The Chronicle of Philanthropy June 2, 2011 By Derek Lieu "Ethnicity plays a role in how people perceive charitable and political causes they encounter on...more

diversity   technology   Jun 18, 2011 • Views:6238 • Comments: 0