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Ben Cameron, Program Director for Arts at the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, speaking at an independently organized TED event, gives a rousing talk on why the arts are important. Watch the video here. ...more

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Advocacy 101 for Individuals

Advocacy 101 for Individuals   You have the right—and the responsibility—to participate in the legislative process. NPAC hopes to empower arts supporters to become advocates for arts-friendly policies and more widespread support fo...more

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Advocacy Checklist for Organizations

Integrate advocacy into your organizational practice. Remember, communication with elected officials is most effective when it is ongoing, rather than simply during a crisis. Build relationships with elected officials and share with them what your or...more

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Eric Whitacre: A virtual choir 2,000 voices strong

Eric Whitacre, creator of the much publicized virtual YouTube choir project last year, recently gave a talk at the TED 2011 Conference in Long Beach, CA.  In his presentation, he gives a fascinating glimpse into the process of making the virtual...more

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Advocacy Guru Resources

Stephanie Vance has put her 20+ years of experience in Congressional affairs, including as a lobbyist for National Public Radio and as Legislative Director and Staff Director in various Congressional offices, into four books  for arts advocate...more

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AMC Looks at Cultural Identities of Composers

American Music Center's NewMusicBox features many articles on diversity of genre and programming, as well as several articles on how culture influences the identity of composers and vice versa. Below you will find just some of the articles that are r...more

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Maz Jobrani:Did you hear the one about the Iranian-American?

Maz Jobrani is an actor and comedian who starred on the Axis of Evil Middle East Comedy Tour, a groundbreaking tour of the US and Middle Eastern countries, where it sold out 27 shows in Dubai, Beirut, Cairo, Kuwait and Amman. The Axis of Evil Come...more

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Featured Artist: Arcade Fire's Interactive Music Video

When completely random people in my life start sending me the same web link I know something viral is spreading across the internet.  Such it the case with The Arcade Fire's latest online effort.  They recently launched a novel inte...more

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Ben Cameron at TEDx: Reformation of the Performing Arts

Ben Cameron, the Program Director for Arts at the Doris Duke Foundation, recently gave a talk at TEDxYYC.  To unpack that acronym a bit, TED stands for the "Technology Entertainment Design" conference that happens each year and brings ...more

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Maps Show Racial Breakdown of America’s Biggest Cities

Revealed: The Maps that Show the Racial Breakdown of America’s Biggest Cities by David Gardner Eric Fischer, digital cartographer, Uses information from the 2000 U.S. census to show the extent to which America has blended together the races...more

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