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What's Wrong With Participation and Interactivity?

Ok, that's admittedly an unfair and leading question.  However, with the rise and now seeming ubiquity of participatory strategies for art, activism, business, marketing, etc.; questioning and critiquing this new economy of ideas and labor is ti...more

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Journal of Aesthetics & Protest: Democracy is a good idea

Democracy is a good idea On politics, art and activism, idealism and pragmatism By Morten Goll & Jesper Goll November 2003 Volume 1, Issue 2 Pragma’tik –ken [pray-] (From Greek Pragmati’kos skilled, experienced, ...more

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HowlRound Interviews Marissa Chibas: Aesthetics of Diversity

Marissa Chibas is a performer, writer, and educator who’s worked in a wide variety of theatrical forms for over two decades. Her American premieres as an actor include; the co-production with The Center for New Performance at CalArts and INTAR ...more

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Feminist Masked Avengers Win Acceptance

"Guerrilla Girls: ‘Feminist masked avengers’ win acceptance in art world they target" By Jessica Goldstein The Washington Post; July 1, 2011 "The poster is yellow. A naked woman reclines on plush, red fabric. Half ...more

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Regrets of a Former Funder

Regrets of a Former Arts Funder by John R. Killacky Blue Avocado; June 23, 2011 "As Program Officer for Arts and Culture at the San Francisco Foundation, I and philanthropic colleagues often bemoaned how fragile many culturally specifi...more

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TCG's American Theatre Magazine Focuses on Diversity

In the midst of a year-long 50th anniversary celebration, Theatre Communications Group is celebrating four core values that they have identified as important to both the work of TCG and the theatre field: artistry, diversity, global citizenship and a...more

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Fusing Arts, Culture and Social Change

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy releases A Philanthropy at Its Best® Report Fusing Arts, Culture and Social Change: High Impact Strategies for Philanthropy by Holly Sidford "Funding Ar...more

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