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Next Generation of Women Revitalized MN Institutions


  Jun 21, 2011 • Views:96 • Comments: 0


British Artists Create Art to Protest Proposed Budget Cuts

As reported in Artinfo: "In response to the British government’s proposal to cut funding for the arts by 25 percent, British artists have taken not to the streets, but to their studios. Under the aegis of the Turning Point Network...more

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Major Resource & Leader: Performing Arts Alliance

This website is full of great resources for advocacy on the federal level such as information on the issues, tools for taking action, and an easy one-step system for contacting your federal officials about performing arts issues. The Performing Ar...more

advocacy   artists   Jun 7, 2010 • Views:6238 • Comments: 0


Artist Visa Issues Persist, PAA Engaged in Advocacy

Securing visas in a timely fashion for artists coming to the U.S. from abroad continues to be an issue in the performing arts field (see "Lincoln Center Scrambles After Visa Problems", The New York Times, November 15, 2010). The Performi...more

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Greatest Policy Threat of our Time: Assignable Copyright?

Check out ArtsJournal's weeklong discussion on artists and copyright for some lively dialogue: www.artsjournal.com/artists/2010/07/creative-right.html Image: Water by Arthur van der Lee via www.everystockphoto.com ...more

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Calling all Washington State: Artist Trust Grant Deadline

Artist Trust is a non-profit organization whose sole mission is to support individual artists working in all disciplines in order to enrich community life throughout Washington State. Artist Trust was founded in 1986 by a group of local artists, arts...more

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Machine Project: Innovative Homes for Artists

Art21 Blog recently posted a fascinating article by Mark Allen, Founder of Machine Project in Los Angeles.  In his write-up, he discusses Machine's recent "Artist In Residency" collaboration with UCLA's Hammer Museum in which they are ...more

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YouTube Gem: Proposal Plea 01

In honor of REDCAT's upcoming 2010 New Original Works Festival, this week features a performance art gem by current Executive Director of REDCAT, Mark Murphy.  Video taped long before he became the director of one of the country's most innovativ...more

artists   Jul 19, 2010 • Views:3159 • Comments: 0


Featured Artist: The Brooklyn Artist Gym

The Brooklyn Artist Gym is a gem tucked away within the cramped quarters and high rents of Brooklyn.  Founded in 2005, it provides 10,000 square feet of communal space for artists to create and exhibit their work.  Similar in concept to cow...more

artists   Aug 25, 2010 • Views:3996 • Comments: 0


Machine Project/Hammer Museum Public Engagement Report

 In June 2009, the Hammer Museum was awarded a $1 million Arts Innovation Fund grant from the James Irvine Foundation to create a new model for visitor engagement, conceived and driven by artists. The grant enables the Hammer to create a new kin...more

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