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Business Guest Blogs on Arts Ed Alliance Website

In an easy-to-replicate example of outreach and relationship building with the business community, the California Alliance for Arts Education is featuring a guest blogger on its website--Chris Cochran, the head of Community Affairs for Stone Bre...more

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Oppose HR 1891- Fight Elimination of Federal Arts Ed Program

The misleadingly named Setting New Priorities in Education Spending Act, H.R. 1891, would eliminate 43 K-12 federal education programs, including the critical Arts in Education program that funds newly emerging education models in high-poverty school...more

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Useful Quotes for Arts Advocates

Newly updated in Spring 2012   PDF of Useful Quotes for Arts Advocates Advocacy Tip: A quote from an elected official representing your district or your community’s mayor, or a local business leader can be a smart, effecti...more

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State Arts Advocacy and Arts Education Web sites

Connect with Your State's Arts Advocacy Organizations and Initiatives     Alabama Alabama Alliance for Arts Education Alaska Alaska Arts Education Consortium Inc. Arizona Arizona Citizens/Action for t...more

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How and Why the Arts are Critical to Student Achievement

This publication of the Arts Education Partnership describes the benefits of arts education based on new research published by the Arts Education Partnership. It can be used for many advocacy purposes. (2006 - brochure) Making a Case for the Arts...more

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Time to Change STEM to STEAM

Why the Popular STEM Acronym (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Should be Converted to STEAM, Adding Arts Future Leaders Need Arts Education by John Eger, as published in the San Diego Business Journal and reblogged on HASTAC Ege...more

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The Graduate Institute in CT Announces Arts Advocacy Cohort

From Americans for the Arts' Arts Watch: Beginning this fall, artists and arts educators are invited to participate in a community dedicated to promoting arts programs while earning a master's degree in holistic thinking through The Graduate I...more

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20Under40 Presents Bold New Visions for the Arts

This anticipated anthology of 20 voices in the arts is now available. The book strives for new thinking as the contributors present varying visions for the future of the arts. The project has been initiated and led by Edward Clapp, a doctoral student...more

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The Beatles + Christmas Guitar = An Arts Advocate is Born

  Mike Huckabee is arguably one of the most vocal Republican advocates for the arts and arts education in the United States. With that in mind, I set out to find out how former Governor Huckabee became such an ardent arts advocate in the hope...more

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Arts Education Funding Cut in Two-Week Federal Budget Fix

  Photo caption: Nina Ozlu Tunceli, Executive Director, Americans for the Arts Action Fund and Chief Counsel of Government and Public Affairs for Americans for the Arts Posted on the Arts Action Fund of Americans for the Arts website ...more

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