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All the Plays of Charles Mee In Your Pocket

How many songs do you have in your iPod?  How about play scripts by contemporary American authors?  A few weeks ago playwright Charles Mee released his entire collection of plays as a free app for the iPhone/Pod/Pad. Using an app to pro...more

artists   Jun 10, 2010 • Views:9502 • Comments: 0


Greatest Policy Threat of our Time: Assignable Copyright?

Check out ArtsJournal's weeklong discussion on artists and copyright for some lively dialogue: www.artsjournal.com/artists/2010/07/creative-right.html Image: Water by Arthur van der Lee via www.everystockphoto.com ...more

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Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker vs. Beyonce

We tweeted about this last week, but in case you missed it there has been an interesting intersection of commercial pop culture and avant garde contemporary dance that is rippling across the internet. It appears that pop music sensation Beyonce blata...more

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