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The Creativity Crisis: American Creativity In Decline

Newsweek recently ran an article discussing recent research that shows that for the first time, creativity in the United States is in decline.  The research is based upon tests that have been used for many years to assess creative thinking. ...more

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Dance and Diversity BAckstage

Ebonie C. Pittman, Arts Program Associate for The Wallace Foundation, studies the recruitment, retention, and career and professional development of people of color in middle- and senior-level management positions in New York City-based dance compani...more

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TCG Releases Video

  TCG's Stage Matters video captures artists, theatre leaders, patrons, educators, corporate executives and politicians around the country as they emphatically speak about the value of theatre and challenges we face in an ever-changing enviro...more

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Why Most Corporate Diversity Programs Are Wrong-Headed

"Why Most Corporate Diversity Programs Are Wrong-Headed" Forbes Feb. 21 2011 By Glenn Llopis "The Immigrant's Perspective" "The goal of most corporate diversity programs is simple: to increase the percentages of ...more

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Regrets of a Former Funder

Regrets of a Former Arts Funder by John R. Killacky Blue Avocado; June 23, 2011 "As Program Officer for Arts and Culture at the San Francisco Foundation, I and philanthropic colleagues often bemoaned how fragile many culturally specifi...more

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Fresh, Inspiring Video on Creativity

I recently saw this terrific video at a fundraising event for The New Children's Museum in San Diego. This short video sets a new standard for what is possible in terms of inspiration through this medium. Somet...more

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Fusing Arts, Culture and Social Change

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy releases A Philanthropy at Its Best® Report Fusing Arts, Culture and Social Change: High Impact Strategies for Philanthropy by Holly Sidford "Funding Ar...more

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Infographic: The Magic And Madness Of The Creative Process

I was recently reminded of a great infographic that depicts the creative process as a boardgame-like map. From start to end it charts out all the possible self doubts, misteps, pitfalls, and detours we artists often face. Which exit should you take o...more

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Chorus America Conference Covers Cultural Inclusion

  Chorus America June 13 - 16, 2012 Minneapolis, MN They say that "many hands make light work,” and who doesn’t need a hand these days? Chorus America's Conference will go a step further and give participants the sm...more

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Affirmative Action VS Diversity

 Affirmative Action vs. Diversity Business Training Media "Diversity management is frequently confused with affirmative action and valuing diversity. Opponents of both concepts use the terms interchangeably, often throwing in the word '...more

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