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Advocacy Checklist for Organizations

Integrate advocacy into your organizational practice. Remember, communication with elected officials is most effective when it is ongoing, rather than simply during a crisis. Build relationships with elected officials and share with them what your or...more

advocacy   Apr 27, 2010 • Views:5101 • Comments: 0


Deficit Hawks AreThe Reality for Arts Advocates

With newly elected officials preparing to take office, arts advocates must be proactive and prepared for some difficult budget discussions. The political composition of many governing bodies has shifted, and large numbers of freshman legislators and ...more

advocacy   Dec 6, 2010 • Views:4525 • Comments: 0


Romney would Eliminate NEA Funding

 Mitt Romney Tells Fortune Magazine that he Would Eliminate the subsidy for the National Endowment for the Arts:  "Fortune: You've promised to cap government spending at 20% of GDP. Specifically where will you cut? Mitt Romney:&n...more

advocacy   Aug 23, 2012 • Views:6286 • Comments: 0