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Featured Artist: Fusebox Festival

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Spotlight On Cuba at the Greenwich Music Festival

This year the Greenwich Music Festival is focusing on traditional and contemporary music of Cuba.  Also featured is a rare staging of Hans Werner Henze’s The Runaway Slave (El Cimarrón), a remarkable work of music-theater narratin...more

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Featured Artist: Time-Based Art (TBA) Festival

If there's one performance festival to put on your agenda this year, the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art's Time-Based Art Festival (TBA) could be the one.  Besides from being presenting a consistently exciting line-up of domestic and inte...more

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Cuba's Teatro El Público Performs in Miami

One of Cuba’s most important and daring theater companies, Teatro El Público, for the first time in the U.S., presents Las Amargas Lágrimas de Petra Von Kant (The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant), their Spanish-language theatri...more

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Contemporary Performance's Online Video Festival

The Contemporary Performance blog continues to develop as an excellent resource for those interested in the international contemporary performance scene. Last week they concluded their two week "Online Video Festival" where they curated som...more

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Featured Artist: REDCAT NOW Festival

This week the REDCAT in Los Angeles kicks off it's New Original Works (NOW) Festival which features three weeks of interdisciplinary performances.   In the past several years since it opened, REDCAT has taken the lead in supporting the developme...more

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Featured Artist: Philadelphia Live Arts Festival

The Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe is an internationally recognized presenter of performing arts. We support the work of a broad array of performing artists from Philadelphia and around the world by producing two concurrent ...more

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Featured Artist: EMPAC'S Filament Festival

EMPAC'S Filament - A festival of new work in performance, visual arts, sound, and media. October 1-3, 2010 With over 15 premieres spanning theater, 24-channel sound, contemporary dance, video, and a barn-raising; exchanges with artists, curators,...more

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NEA Reveals Diverse Audiences Attend Outdoor Festivals

"Racial diversity is a hallmark of outdoor arts festivals, says NEA audience study" LA Times (October 29, 2010) "A key finding, the NEA says, is that the goal of a racially and ethnically mixed audience for arts and culture is realize...more

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Culture is Focus of TCG's American Theatre Magazine

Among Theatre Communications Group's mission is to leverage the stories of the field to build greater public awareness of and appreciation for live theatre in America. The organization’s vision ranges from being the leader and innovator in ass...more

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