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Keeping Focused: Why Should We Pay Artists More?

With the recent uptick in provocative discussion about arts funding via Rocco Landesman's shot heard around the world ("Look. You can either increase demand or decrease supply. Demand is not going to increase, so it is time to think about decrea...more

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The Economic (Self?) Oppression of American Artists

David Ian Moss (Fractured Atlas, Createquity) recently published an article talking about his own journey as a musician who chose to go to business school.  In the article he discusses how individual artists (specifically composers and musicians...more

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Business Bootcamp for Artists: Oakland

So you're an artist.  You finally emerged after years of artistic exploration and honing of your craft (perhaps saddled with some major debt after one or more residencies at institutions of higher learning).  You're starting to have some su...more

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Online Tools for Accounting and Bookkeeping

Managing your own personal finances can be confusing enough, but as artists we often wear multiple financial hats.  One of those hats is small business entrepreneur and involves additional duties dealing with taxes, tracking income and expenses,...more

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Infographic: How Much Do Music Artist Make Online?

This image infographic was created by David McCandless, self-described data journalist and information designer.  It was created almost a year ago and omits distribution channels such as Bandcamp.com, however it puts into perspective how online ...more

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Fusing Arts, Culture and Social Change

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy releases A Philanthropy at Its Best® Report Fusing Arts, Culture and Social Change: High Impact Strategies for Philanthropy by Holly Sidford "Funding Ar...more

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Crowd funding (continued)

Crowd funding (sometimes called crowd financing, crowd sourced capital, or street performer protocol) describes the collective cooperation, attention and trust by people who network and pool their money and other resources together, usually via...more

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