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Sxip Shirey's Fractured Sonic Fairy Tales

If you haven't experienced one of the many live incarnations of mulit-instrumentalist/folk/punk/circus ringmaster Sxip Shirey, find the nearest city he's performing in and go.  Here's a great interview with him from the New Music Box web magazin...more

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OPERA America Acknowledges Diversity

  In 2006 the National MultiCultural Institute awarded OPERA America a Leading Lights Diversity Award for Diverse Voices, OPERA America's 2005 annual conference, which provided a forum for a national dialogue for the opera community to pr...more

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New Hampshire Artists & Arts Leaders in Support of the Arts

The Wire, an arts newspaper in New Hampshire, ran a piece featuring New Hampshire artists and arts leaders writing in defense of the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts as the state battles to retain its arts co...more

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Workplace Diversity - Embracing Disagreement

Workplace Diversity: The Art of Positive Disagreement© by Mark Monroe April 19, 2011 “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.” - General George Patton Workplace Diversity: The Art of Positive Disagr...more

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Affirmative Action VS Diversity

 Affirmative Action vs. Diversity Business Training Media "Diversity management is frequently confused with affirmative action and valuing diversity. Opponents of both concepts use the terms interchangeably, often throwing in the word '...more

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