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Technology Projects

From the League of American Orchestras, here are some featured technology projects, including Second Life orchestras, Internet radio (also known as webcasting), and podcasts. Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir (see video below) combines individua...more

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What Happens When People Migrate To The Internet?

Clay Shirky, who studies the social and economic effects of Internet technologies, recently gave an interview on NPR's Morning Edition in regards to his new book, Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity In A Connected Age.  From the bo...more

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Free: Art In An Age of Dispersed Culture

Today, culture is more dispersed than ever before. The web has broadened both the quantity and kind of information freely available. It has distributed our collective experience across geographic locations; opened up a new set of creative possibil...more

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Net Neutrality

 What is Net Neutrality? What are the potential impacts? What does the future Internet look like? This series of interviews on Blackboard Jungle with ethnomusicologist Wayne Marshall, media studies professor Brian McCormick, Eliz...more

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While the world remains focused on the Middle East where the Internet has been used to organize historic protests in the name of universal freedoms, House lawmakers voted Thursday night to prevent the Federal Communications Commission from implemen...more

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Hispanics and Blacks Support Causes Online

"Hispanics and Blacks More Likely Than Whites to Support Causes Online" The Chronicle of Philanthropy June 2, 2011 By Derek Lieu "Ethnicity plays a role in how people perceive charitable and political causes they encounter on...more

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Classified Ads for the Latino Market

 Martha de la Torre brings classified ads to the Latino market Los Angeles Times June 12, 2011 By Megan Kimble "Listen to your staff: Initially El Clasificado was distributed directly to homes. 'It was costly and ineffective,' De ...more

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Disability and Deaf Arts in Ontario

Access Fitz! is a blog with a focus on accessibility for people with disabilities in the arts, with an emphasis on Theatre. This blog also features a number of articles on standard accessibility issues including technology, information access ...more

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Ethnic Consumer Power

Ethnic Consumer Power by Cheryl Pearson McNeil Today's Chicago Women "According to a recent Nielsen study, right now, there is no single cultural, social, demographic, economic or political point of view dominating the landscape. This i...more

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Protect Internet Freedoms

There are two bills before Congress now that would pose significant threats to Internet freedoms that should be a cause of concern for artists.     Commercial Felony Streaming Act / Criminal Streaming Bill   Also known as the bill...more

technology   advocacy   Nov 7, 2011 • Views:5142 • Comments: 0