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Musicians, Deafness, and Listening

"How on earth can they experience music, they are deaf. We [cover our ears], and we imagine that is what deafness is about. We [cover our eyes], we imagine that is what blindness is about. If we see someone in a wheel chair, we assume they can n...more

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On the Nonprofit Sector's Underparticipation in Advocacy

Dalouge Smith, in his July 26, 2010 thoughtful and informative post on his arts advocacy blog Dog Days, reflects on his participation in the Nonprofit Advocacy Policy Roundtable at Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies and on Hopkins' Listen...more

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Feeling of Inclusion Key to Staff Productivity

Feeling of Inclusion Key to Greater Staff Productivity Sandeep Tatla Financial Post February 10, 2011 "A good leader understands there is a palpable appetite for diversity and an even better leader moves from understanding to managing ...more

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First Seven Steps to Accessible Websites

  Do you offer the following services in your theater? In your offices? Braille Access (Other Than Print or Braille) for Individuals Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision Wheelchair Accessibility Audio Description Telephone Typewriter (T...more

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Cultural Divide Persists as Musical Tastes Shift

"Cultural Divide Persists as Musical Tastes Shift" by Tom Jacobs Miller-McCune; September 21, 2011 "New research from Britain finds music lovers are increasingly crossing genres, but they remain divided in their tastes. &quo...more

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2012 Resolutions for the Nonprofit World

 2012 Resolutions for the Nonprofit World The Chronicle of Philanthropy December 30,2011 The Chronicle of Philanthropy invited nonprofit executives and donors and foundation leaders to share their 2012 resolutions for the nonprofit secto...more

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Public Value Approach to Growing Elected Officials' Support

  The Montana Arts Council’s venerated executive director Arlynn Fishbaugh has executed at a high level her agency’s strategy of taking a public value approach (written about here in the NPAC website) in positioning the Montana Arts...more

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Are You Really Listening? ... Really?!

What It Means to Really Listen by Stephen Shapiro, Chief Innovation Evangelist American Express' Open Forum April 12, 2012 "...Unfortunately even when you are trying to listen, you are still likely not really hearing properly. &qu...more

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Workplace Diversity - Embracing Disagreement

Workplace Diversity: The Art of Positive Disagreement© by Mark Monroe April 19, 2011 “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.” - General George Patton Workplace Diversity: The Art of Positive Disagr...more

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