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Massive Thoughts: The Theater of the Future by Meiyin Wang

The Theater of the Future by Meiyin Wang Delivered on the panel: Massive Thoughts from Four Big Thinkers at the convening, From Scarcity to Abundance: Capturing the Moment of the New Work Sector at Arena Stage, January 26-29, 2011. In th...more

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Engage or Die

Social media is about sociology and less about technology.   It’s a mash-up of new and traditional media that spans across advertising, PR, customer service, marketing communications, sales, and community relations.   ...more

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Is it Time to Write a Manifesto?

  Manifesto. The word itself makes the blood run faster, the heart beat louder.   Should your advocacy organization or effort write a manifesto?  Here are some potential benefits of doing so:   A manifesto can help buil...more

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Marian Godfrey's Manifesto

Thoughtful reflections on art & how it gets supported in the U.S. these days: Marian Godfrey, longtime director of Cultural Initiatives for the Pew Charitable Trusts in Philadelphia, and now cultural advisor to the Berkshire Taconic Community...more

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Taylor Mac's Manifesto

Some time ago we posted an interview with Taylor Mac, which was deservedly popular. So here is a manifesto Mac delivered at the 2013 Under the Radar Festival. Enjoy. Read it: I Believe: A Manifesto by Taylor Mac Watch it: Taylor...more

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