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The Voice of Nonprofit Talent

The Voice of Nonprofit Talent Released in 2011, The Voice of Nonprofit Talent: Perceptions of Diversity in the Workplace "focuses on one of the most significant challenges faced by the nonprofit sector — building and sustaining diver...more

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The Inclusive Nonprofit Boardroom

The Inclusive Nonprofit Boardroom: Leveraging the Transformative Potential of Diversity Patricia Bradshaw, PhD, and Christopher Fredette, PhD The Nonprofit Quarterly May 6, 2011 "While funders and others often seem to be advocating for ...more

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Are You Really Listening? ... Really?!

What It Means to Really Listen by Stephen Shapiro, Chief Innovation Evangelist American Express' Open Forum April 12, 2012 "...Unfortunately even when you are trying to listen, you are still likely not really hearing properly. &qu...more

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Fighting Stereotypes in the Workplace

 Fighting Stereotypes in the Workplace "Stereotypes are perhaps the last word in social ignorance. They are always inaccurate, insulting depictions of social groups. Most people loathe their group's stereotype, and resent any implicatio...more

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Affirmative Action VS Diversity

 Affirmative Action vs. Diversity Business Training Media "Diversity management is frequently confused with affirmative action and valuing diversity. Opponents of both concepts use the terms interchangeably, often throwing in the word '...more

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