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Contemporary Performance's Online Video Festival

The Contemporary Performance blog continues to develop as an excellent resource for those interested in the international contemporary performance scene. Last week they concluded their two week "Online Video Festival" where they curated som...more

artists   Jul 6, 2010 • Views:4865 • Comments: 0


HiChristina!: A Storefront for Creative Self Expression

HiChristina!: New York's Storefront for Creative Self Expression By Justine Williams   I was given the address of a high-rise apartment building in midtown Manhattan and instructed to go to suite 18d. On arrival, the doorman ushered me to t...more

artists   Jan 7, 2011 • Views:5767 • Comments: 0


Ping Chong: ‘all islands are connected under water’

Internationally acclaimed artist Ping Chong gave a stirring keynote address to kick off the 2011 Annual Meeting in Tampa on December 9, 2011. #NewPlayTV streamed the speech in real time, but has also archived it. Today there is relatively less fu...more

artists   Dec 27, 2011 • Views:3617 • Comments: 0


Art vs. Performance? The Black Box and The White Cube

In today’s cultural landscape, contemporary artists are continuously blurring the lines between theater, dance, installation, performance art, visual art and live art. The work’s context comes from who curates it, where it happens, who...more

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The Institute for Curatorial Practice in Performance

Culturebot recently published an interview with Sam Miller about the new program he started at Wesleyan University.  It's called the Institute for Curatorial Practice in Performance and it offers a low-residency certificate program for performin...more

artists   education   Oct 19, 2010 • Views:4941 • Comments: 0


Featured Artist: A Shipwrecked Boat Inside A Gallery

We've featured the crown jewel of Los Angeles' alternative art spaces, Machine Project, in the past.  Whether it's their gallery shows, technology workshops, performative stunts, interventions in traditional museums, or concert series in coat ro...more

artists   technology   education   Oct 8, 2010 • Views:8859 • Comments: 0


Dance and Diversity BAckstage

Ebonie C. Pittman, Arts Program Associate for The Wallace Foundation, studies the recruitment, retention, and career and professional development of people of color in middle- and senior-level management positions in New York City-based dance compani...more

diversity   Aug 8, 2010 • Views:8656 • Comments: 0


Diversity Featured During Conference Season

Chorus America June 8 – 11, 2010 San Francisco, CA 34th Annual Conference   Chorus America's 34th Annual Conference features plena...more

diversity   Apr 11, 2011 • Views:6213 • Comments: 0


To Foster Diversity, Paint the Big Picture

"To Foster Diversity, Paint the Big Picture" by Eilene Zimmerman The New York Times; July 2, 2011 Ellen Zimmerman offers a Q & A with diversity experts about how a member of a minority group can influence organizations to becom...more

diversity   Jul 13, 2011 • Views:3730 • Comments: 0


Performance Management for Inclusion

Performance Management for Inclusion by Marie Y. Philippe, PhD Profiles in Diversity Journal; July 1, 2011 "One Size does not fit all in performance management if you want to maintain a productive diverse workforce. companies tend to pe...more

diversity   Jul 13, 2011 • Views:3634 • Comments: 0