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Captivating Audiences

by Roy Underhill Effective public speaking can make a huge difference in a variety of advocacy settings -- from public testimony to community meetings to strategy sessions with other arts supporters. The brief synopsis here by David Rau on...more

advocacy   Jun 24, 2010 • Views:3316 • Comments: 0


Let's Infiltrate the Chamber of Commerce

Barry Hessenius, former Director of the California Arts Council and author of Hardball Lobbying for Nonprofits: Real Advocacy for Nonprofits in the New Century, proposes widespread arts organization membership and involvement in Chambers of Comm...more

advocacy   Nov 15, 2010 • Views:3283 • Comments: 0


Urgent: Take Action After Proposed Deep Cuts to the NEA

Proposed Cuts to National Endowment for the Arts Budget are Worst in 16 Years From Americans for the Arts, Posted February 11, 2011 BREAKING NEWS – Arts Being Cut Further The situation in the House is getting out of control....more

advocacy   Feb 15, 2011 • Views:8245 • Comments: 0


Radiolab Live: Symmetry

Science and ideas radio show Radiolab is once again peaking out from behind the speaker and performing their show live and in person.  Co-hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich are hitting the road for a three-city tour (New York, Los Angeles, an...more

artists   Feb 8, 2011 • Views:3643 • Comments: 0


Art as a Right for All: Gustavo Dudamel on Conductorsblog

  Catch some quick inspiration... Conductor Jacob Harrison's January 31, 2011 post on Conductors Blog includes a short video of Gustavo Dudamel discussing the arts as a right for all and a video of past (and potentially future) Republican pr...more

advocacy   artists   Feb 9, 2011 • Views:8474 • Comments: 0


How to Shift Some Votes to Support Public Broadcasting

Much is being written about the fate and value of funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which funds National Public Radio and PBS. This article by Patrick Goldstein and James Rainey of The Los Angeles Times contains a strateg...more

advocacy   Mar 14, 2011 • Views:4868 • Comments: 1


CPAC Keeps Life Colorful

  In 2006, Citi Performing Arts Center (CPAC) formalized its commitment to “Broad-based Access, Diversity, and Outreach” as an objective on its strategy map and Balanced Scorecard. The plan articulated a vision that was be...more

diversity   education   Jun 8, 2011 • Views:7994 • Comments: 0


Creating Public Value

While Mark Moore, professor at Harvard's Kennedy School has never achieved the kind of rockstar status within the cultural community as say, Richard Florida after the release of Rise of the Creative Class, Mark Moore should. Moore is a...more

advocacy   Jun 15, 2011 • Views:4786 • Comments: 0


Continuing Education: The New Public Schools

In the past we've featured different artists and organizations that use generosity to share resources and create work. That ethos can be seen in full effect with a crop of organizations that are harnessing the time and talents of their community memb...more

artists   education   Jun 14, 2011 • Views:4292 • Comments: 0


Class remains a divider among Foundation... and Nonprofits

"Foundation Boards Shouldn’t Be Filled Just With Wealthy People" The Chronicle of Philanthropy June 1, 2011 By Pablo Eisenberg "In recent years the United States has developed into an increasingly pronounced class socie...more

diversity   Jun 18, 2011 • Views:3991 • Comments: 0