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How to Engage 20-Somethings in Your Cause

How to Engage 20-Somethings in Your Cause by Dagmar King, Marketwire, August 2010 GuideStar "Finding new volunteers and donors is one of the biggest challenges facing nonprofit organizations. For the past few years, more and more nonpro...more

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Disability and Deaf Arts in Ontario

Access Fitz! is a blog with a focus on accessibility for people with disabilities in the arts, with an emphasis on Theatre. This blog also features a number of articles on standard accessibility issues including technology, information access ...more

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Technology Training Tools

Our 2011 year end reflection included a look-back at the Technology and the Performing Arts Field: Usage and Issues report, and consideration of what has changed and what hasn't in the technology realm. Technology Training issues, have, if anything, ...more

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