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An Audience Development Tool Kit

Adjust Your View: Developing Multicultural Audiences for the Arts is "essentially a toolkit of ideas and steps intended to provide a framework for the development of multicultural marketing strategies for the arts and cultural products." ...more

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Social Media Generalization

Among the subject covered in our technology predictions for 2011, was  the future of the social media strategist, based on the report from the Altimeter Group from interviews conducted by analyst Jeremiah Owyang.   In this article f...more

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Engage or Die

Social media is about sociology and less about technology.   It’s a mash-up of new and traditional media that spans across advertising, PR, customer service, marketing communications, sales, and community relations.   ...more

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Why Most Corporate Diversity Programs Are Wrong-Headed

"Why Most Corporate Diversity Programs Are Wrong-Headed" Forbes Feb. 21 2011 By Glenn Llopis "The Immigrant's Perspective" "The goal of most corporate diversity programs is simple: to increase the percentages of ...more

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What Diversity Can Do for Business

America's Most Wanted: What Diversity Can Do for Business by Glenn Llopis Forbes.com August 29, 2011 "In today’s marketplace, diversity must touch the roots of an organization’s business model – especially within grow...more

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TCG's American Theatre Magazine Focuses on Diversity

In the midst of a year-long 50th anniversary celebration, Theatre Communications Group is celebrating four core values that they have identified as important to both the work of TCG and the theatre field: artistry, diversity, global citizenship and a...more

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Fusing Arts, Culture and Social Change

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy releases A Philanthropy at Its Best® Report Fusing Arts, Culture and Social Change: High Impact Strategies for Philanthropy by Holly Sidford "Funding Ar...more

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