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Dance and Diversity BAckstage

Ebonie C. Pittman, Arts Program Associate for The Wallace Foundation, studies the recruitment, retention, and career and professional development of people of color in middle- and senior-level management positions in New York City-based dance compani...more

diversity   Aug 8, 2010 • Views:8822 • Comments: 0


Google Wallet: 1st Look at NFC

Near-field communication is the future of mobile connection.   This week, Google released the first version of its new app, Google Wallet. Google Wallet is a Near Field Communication (NFC) mobile wallet app that can be used to make payments ...more

technology   Sep 22, 2011 • Views:3745 • Comments: 0


Diversity of Black Dancers

"Highlighting diversity of black dancers is the goal of Toronto event" by Paula Citron The Globe and Mail January 25, 2012 The International Association of Blacks in Dance, which works to raise the awareness of blacks in dance, hel...more

diversity   artists   advocacy   education   Jan 30, 2012 • Views:8674 • Comments: 0