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      This blog post from Tech Crunch describes the "secret" stratgies behind successfully getting your video content viewed and talked about, in an effort to drive traffic to you website. A viral video is one that ...more

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Ben Cameron, Program Director for Arts at the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, speaking at an independently organized TED event, gives a rousing talk on why the arts are important. Watch the video here. ...more

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High Definition

More and more performing arts organizations and artists are softening their resistance to mediatized performances and adopting new models of distribution through online and other channels. Here are three programs that are already in the works, pro...more

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Interactivity: Leaving Room for Creativity

 Much has been written about viral videos as marketing strategies and using social networking technologies to develop new audiences.  I recently stumbled upon an interesting post on the Flux.net Journal titled "Ratatat’s unintent...more

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Contemporary Performance's Online Video Festival

The Contemporary Performance blog continues to develop as an excellent resource for those interested in the international contemporary performance scene. Last week they concluded their two week "Online Video Festival" where they curated som...more

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Lessons From the Video Game World

Those of us who work in the performing arts, especially theater, often hear the argument that our art forms are being edged out of the popular imagination by the movies, video games, the internet, and TV (remember that?).  And not too long ...more

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Featured Artist: Arcade Fire's Interactive Music Video

When completely random people in my life start sending me the same web link I know something viral is spreading across the internet.  Such it the case with The Arcade Fire's latest online effort.  They recently launched a novel inte...more

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NoFilmSchool's DSLR Cinematography Guide

The HD Revolution is well underway and there are a plethora of new cameras that shoot pro-quality HD video at very affordable prices.  One of the most exciting advancements is the huge leap in the video capabilities of DSLR cameras.  Video ...more

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How to Engage 20-Somethings in Your Cause

How to Engage 20-Somethings in Your Cause by Dagmar King, Marketwire, August 2010 GuideStar "Finding new volunteers and donors is one of the biggest challenges facing nonprofit organizations. For the past few years, more and more nonpro...more

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Culture is Focus of TCG's American Theatre Magazine

Among Theatre Communications Group's mission is to leverage the stories of the field to build greater public awareness of and appreciation for live theatre in America. The organization’s vision ranges from being the leader and innovator in ass...more

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