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Interactivity: Leaving Room for Creativity

 Much has been written about viral videos as marketing strategies and using social networking technologies to develop new audiences.  I recently stumbled upon an interesting post on the Flux.net Journal titled "Ratatat’s unintent...more

artists   technology   Jun 21, 2010 • Views:4854 • Comments: 0


Disability and Deaf Arts in Ontario

Access Fitz! is a blog with a focus on accessibility for people with disabilities in the arts, with an emphasis on Theatre. This blog also features a number of articles on standard accessibility issues including technology, information access ...more

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Ten Great Arts Education Videos for Arts Advocacy

Kudos to Professor and author Craig Roland, who has compiled 10 arts education videos useful for advocacy on his blog, Art Junction: The Art Teacher's Guide to the Internet. The videos range from elementary school children in a high-energy,...more

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