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Dancing Dreams: Pina Bausch On Film

A new documentary featuring the work of Pina Bausch is slowly starting to trickle onto screens in the US. A sensation at the 2010 Berlin Film Festival, in Dancing Dreams Bausch selects 40 teenagers who had never even heard of her to be part of the ...more

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Pina Bausch in 3-D!

Just before her death, dance theater great Pina Bausch was working with filmmaker Wim Wenders on a groundbreaking dance-on-camera project that was to be shot in 3-D. Her sudden passing in 2009 threw the entire project into turmoil.  Fortunately,...more

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Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams: 3-D Done Right

Along with live-streaming of performance, 3-D documentation of performance has been popping up more and more. We've posted on the Wim Wenders Pina Bausch documentary, which is finally arriving at movie screens in the United States, and the Royal Oper...more

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Director Wim Wenders on Dance and His New 3-D Film "Pina"

The much celebrated and awaited 3-D dance film "Pina" is finally getting released stateside. Keep an eye out for it as it begins to trickle out into a major US city near you. In the meantime, get your Pina 3-D fix and read this interesting ...more

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