Apr 23, 2010


The desk-free environment of the computer hasn’t done away with the need for project and file management across the team of collaborators. Today, our collaborators might be telecommuting, or even more remote. Whether working on creative projects or administrative programs, new file-sharing tools provide a myriad of ways to share documents, schedules, audio, video, and other data across the Internet—even large files that email can’t handle.
Sending large files

Transfer Big Files, You Send It, and are easy to use sites for transfering files as big as 1GB for free.

Doodle or Google Calendar are good, but the latter requires everyone to have gmail.
Project Managment and Collaboration
In addition to the simple to set up and use, and oneHub, which offer both free and premium accounts, there are several other project collaboration technologies of note, including
which are outlined in this recent blog post by Siva Kumar. Sophie 2.0 and Google Wave also provide information sharing capacity across a group, but again, gmail is needed for the latter.


Composers & Sound Engineers

Soundcloud is a filesharing program designed specifically with music in mind. This blog by pianist Anne Ku talks about just-in-time collaboration between composers and sound engineers, and how music notation software like Sibelius and Finale have enables this type of collaboration.

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