Susan Marshall & Company Frame Dances

Dec 2, 2010

A performance in the palm of your hand! 

From 2008-2009, Susan Marshall & Company created seven short movement-based art works specifically created to inhabit the confined spaces of relatively small frames. Marshall’s Frame Dances, as they are collectively called, were designed with the idea that the cellular phone is a new proscenium. Accordingly, these dances are best viewed on portable devices such as the iPhone, Droid, tablet PC, or other handheld digital gadget.
Spanning dance and visual art, Frame Dances portray dancers in confined spaces within small frames. Marshall combines video and live performance to create “a metaphoric and fantastical world about scale and simulacrum.” Frame Dances were commissioned by Peak Performances @ Montclair with additional commissioning and residency support by The Music Theater Group.
You can see two of Susan Marshall & Company’s Frame Dances below.

Green Green Grass Remix


Body of Water (Milky Re-mix)

Screened as part the UMove dance on camera festival.

Tags: video, mobile art, dance

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