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Dec 17, 2010

Founded in 2005, Netvibes pioneered the first personal dashboard publishing platform for the real-time Web. For consumers, is the most awarded dashboard engine that helps millions of people around the world instantly dashboard everything that matters to them most. For agencies and publishers, Netvibes' universal widget technology (UWA), widget distribution services and Premium Dashboards help rapidly deliver brand observation rooms and user-personalized marketing campaigns. For companies, Netvibes Enterprise delivers secure, scalable personal workspaces, portals and industry dashboards. 

The free Netvibes RSS reader, for example, permits emails to be displayed while Google News, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Facebook can also be shown.
At its optimum, the webpage becomes a control center through which all information runs, making it the perfect homepage and doing away with the need for multiple log-ins.
In December 2010 at Le Web ‘10 in Paris, Netvibes introduced the world’s first dashboar intelligence service. 
New SmartTagging technology extracts hidden expertise, trends and sentiments from everyday work actions (clicks, searches, blog reads, Tweets, etc.) in any sized organization. SmartTagging is just one of many innovative new tools provided by Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence solutions. Now businesses can effectively monitor and naturally self-organize everything-from internal enterprise systems to the entire real-time Web-with intelligent dashboards that instantly adapt to each company, team or individual's unique professional needs.

Further reading. The CEO of Netvibes talks about the future of business intelligence.

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